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September 8, 2012 Update


September 8, 2012 Update for Apple & Britt Hello Music Lovers, Last night at the gig, Harry Clayville, one of our fans, pointed out to me that I had been slacking on my newsletter writing duties. So, I decided it was about time I sucked up and got down to the business of informing you all of the happenings of Apple & Britt. 

We had a wonderful summer, full of gigs at the Restaurant at Lighthouse Sound, and Friday nights at Adolfo’s Italian restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland. Adolfo’s is in the (Phillip’s) Beach Plaza hotel at 13th Street and the Boardwalk, and we are glad to see many of our regular guests rediscovering us after not being at that location last year. The hotel looks very nice, if you haven’t seen the renovations. We enjoy the atmosphere there very much, and I especially like the spot lights because they make what we do more of a show. Kimberly, the co-owner, has asked Dale to play the old piano that has been there forever, because she likes the sound of it. It does sound good and carries well in the room, however, the upper register is very weak, and Dale has had several keys lose their ivory tops recently. Anyone know a good piano repairman? Either way, Kimberly and her husband, David Griffin, love the music that Apple & Britt play, and love the piano bar ambiance it brings. They are happy; we are happy; everybody’s happy. The food is delicious and the service is top notch. We’ve been playing every Friday since May 11th this year, from 7 to 11pm. We are already booked to continue that trend through the end of November. We’ve also been booked to play there for this New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s day in 2013. Check our schedule on our website for our exact dates see: www.rhondaapple.com

Check out Adolfo’s website, as well, so you can get the feel for the place. 1301 Atlantic Ave., Ocean City, MD www.oc-adolfos.com For Reservations Call: (410)289-4001

I do suggest making reservations for the Fireside section if you want to dine and listen to Apple & Britt. Or, one can always sit in the bar area with Vanessa, the bartender, and order anything off the menu. She’s really a wonderfully attentive person. Kimberly asked us to play every Saturday this month, but I had to decline due to needing time for school work. Fortunately for you, Dale Britt has no such problem, and will be playing 7 to 11pm for the next few Saturdays with guest vocalist Bernie Cook or some other local singer. I wish them well. Dale and I are also booked every Thursday for September and October at Lighthouse Sound restaurant. We play 6 to 9pm in the dining room. This location is very beautiful and has the best view of Assawoman bay and the Ocean City skyline.

Their website has all their information: www.lighthousesound.com . You can make a reservation online, and I suggest it. The food is delicious and fresh. Chef Tracey and his staff work hard to keep the standards very high, while Apple & Britt work hard at bringing you American Standards.

Hey, we were made for each other! Treat yourself and your loved one to a lovely meal and live music. You’ll be glad you did. Other events in the near future for Apple & Britt include an appearance at the bi-annual banquet for the Greater Salisbury Committee on Friday, October 19th, and a benefit dinner for the Worcester County Humane Society at Adolfo’s on Thursday, November 1, 2012.

Dale and his wife have been traveling a lot since she retired last year from teaching. They have several more trips on their horizon. I have been busy with school. I’m in the radiologic technology program at Wor-Wic community college, and it is tough! But, I am preparing for my future, and setting an example for my daughter. It will be worth it. I’ll graduate in May 2014. Some people have asked what this will mean for Apple & Britt. I tell them I do not know. What I know is that I can trust my God to supply the schedule, energy, and gigs that are in His will for us. His plan is always perfect, and I have decided to trust Him, no matter what. It keeps me from having to worry about it, which doesn’t do any good anyway. I hope to be able to continue to sing with Dale a couple nights a week. We all have to wait to see what will happen.

Thank you all for reading this newsletter. It really makes me feel affirmed when I talk with you and you tell me that you keep up with us. We have been so blessed by all of you for the past 14 years. You can also find us on Facebook under the title “Apple & Britt.” I like to post something about our gigs on a regular basis. Our webmaster, Dennis Powers, did an awesome job of recuing us last month when our website was messed up. Unfortunately, all of our previous gigs were deleted in the process. It made me sad, but I was grateful to have our website functioning properly again. Thanks, again, Dennis! I just did two major chores: I updated our songlist that has all of our songs, the key we do them in, the drum settings, and the keyboard settings. This is something I have been putting off for years. I also printed out more songlists for our guests to request from. My printers are tired! So, now that those are done, and this newsletter is written, I will relax with my husband for dinner and a movie at home. A glass of moscato wine is in order, as well. Peace and grace to you!

Rhonda Apple
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