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Oct. 10, 2011 Update


Oct. 10, 2011 Update Hello Music Lovers, As I walk my dog, basking in Indian Summerís caress, I am grateful for the change of seasons. When I lived in Florida I missed that. True, I had a healthy, prolific and delicious grapefruit tree in my back yard, which I enjoyed watching my little girl climb. But coming back to Delmarva 13 years ago was right for me and my family. I enjoy being near my husbandís family and the weather here, but I mostly am grateful for meeting an amazing jazz pianist. Dale Britt was looking for a vocalist, and had become a bit bored with playing solo at Phillips Beach Plaza. Weíve been working together for 13 years now. Our gigs have decreased in number, and thatís okay. Considering how hard our country and the world have been hit economically, itís a wonder we still have any gigs at all! We are blessed to play music, even if it is only once a week, or once a month. This weekend we are off work, and Iím glad. Friday I want to go hear/see many of my fellow local jazz musicians during the Rehoboth Beach Jazz festival. The very sad problem I have is that I have about seven different groups I would like to hear/see, but can only cram in about three. Decisions, decisionsÖ www.rehobothjazz.com has all the information. I will only have one night to do all this because of other commitments. Saturday, the 15th I hope to attend the Autumn wine festival in Pemberton park, here in Salisbury. Their site: www.autumnwinefestival.org. Similarly, itís an annual event, and Iíve never been. I will have to be good all week in order to afford all this, but it will be worth it, Iím positive! Last month I received a call with sad news about the Intercontinental Harbor Court hotel in Baltimore: all entertainment had been cancelled and the hotel is up for sale. SighÖ.another gig goes up in smoke. We really did enjoy our gigs there, even though the 12 hour commitment was a bit invasive at times. Weíll miss the employees, who were very nice, and the guests, who were very affirming. Some of you were regulars at this gig. We will miss you most of all! Letís pray another door opens up in Baltimore soon. Our gigs at the Restaurant at Lighthouse Sound in Bishopville, Maryland, will resume Oct. 29th, 6 to 9ish. We are booked there November 12, 19, and 26th, as well. Please come out if you are at all available. We miss you! And, local music languishes and dies if not supported by attendance. Dale and I have some new tunes to play for you. Come see our list and make your requests while enjoying a delicious meal, appetizer, drink, whateverÖ Oh, and the view is spectacular, in the daylight. With sunset coming earlier youíll have to take my word for it, or view their pictures on their website: www.lighthousesound.com The address: 12723 St. Martin's Neck Rd. Bishopville, MD 21813 Phone: (410) 352-5250 If you are on Facebook, you can look us up. I have us listed as Apple & Britt. I enjoy Facebook. The comments we receive are quite encouraging. Getting to know you better is always fun, as well. Thank you in advance. In other news, there is a new Georgia House restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland. The food is delicious and affordable! Phil Perdue is playing piano Monday thru Fridays 11:30am to 2pm. Dale and I have spoken with management, and could possibly play there in the future. I really hope so. Time will tell, as always. Blessings to you all! I love you. Rhonda