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August 30, 2011 Update


August 30, 2011 Update Hello Music Lovers, I hope you had a wonderful summer and that Hurricane Irene did not impact you too much. We never lost power here, although we made about 20 pounds of ice just in case (which I still need to get out of my freezer.) Alas, we needed the six inches of rain anyway. Our gigs at the Lighthouse Sound have been very nice! We are well-received by guests, the management and employees. Also, they like the volume low, which pleases me just fine. Iíve enjoyed watching the Ocean City skyline over the Assawoman Bay at sunset. The staff is attentive, and the food is upscale and worth every penny. We play in the dining room SOME Thursdays and SOME Saturdays. Our next gigs there are the first three Thursdays in September. We also have two Saturdays in October and three in November booked. We anticipate being booked there more often next summer, although, understandably, weddings booked there will push us out. Their website: http://www.lighthousesound.com/oc-maryland-golf-restaurant Address: 12723 St. Martin's Neck Rd. Bishopville, MD 21813 Phone: (410) 352-5250 "The Lighthouse Restaurant overlooking Assawoman Bay and the Ocean City skyline is dedicated to providing the finest cuisine on the Eastern Shore." September 17th Dale and I will be back at the luxurious Intercontinental Harbor Court in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. It is a long day for us to go play there, but we love it. Itís always worth it when we see our fans come through the entrance. Being in Baltimore is a kick, as well. We play 8pm to midnight. Their website: http://harborcourt.com Address: 550 Light St. Baltimore, Maryland 21202-6099 410-234-0550 Street and valet parking available. Our schedule there will be reducing again. I was just informed of this today. Not sure what that will mean, but hoping for at least one gig there every third month or so. SighÖ This summer we played at three new places for us: Baywood Greens in Longneck, Delaware (East of Millsboro); Captain Tylerís Crab House in Crisfield, Maryland; and the Ocean Pines Yacht Club in Ocean Pines (North of Berlin, Maryland). It was nice to get out to see new people and places, and we hope to get more bookings there again sometime. By now most of you have made note of our absence at the Beach Plaza Hotel in Ocean City. They decided to not have us back this year, which was what we were told would happen for years. Thatís all fine and good. However, it did irk us to hear that some of our fans were told by Beach Plaza employees that we were asked back at a much reduced schedule and we declined. That is not the truth. The decision was not ours. I was told by Chef Arturo Paz, ďIíd love to have you (play here) a couple days a week, but THEY want a change, so itís not gonna happen.Ē That occurred in April, we stopped calling, and they never called us at all. Although I have missed watching the dolphins, my little spotlight, and going out for a slice of pizza at Sopranos after singing for four hours, I have not missed driving into town with all that traffic, working five nights a week, or singing to a full room of people mostly ignoring us or an empty room of employees who wish we would just go away. I do think the renovations are beautiful, and I wish them well. I have heard from many of you who are not happy about the changes at the Beach Plaza. I truly believe it was time for a change for all of us. Dale and I would much rather play fewer gigs for clubs who want us than full-time for a club that we felt resented us being there. Please understand and be happy for us. Blessings to you all! Thank you, again, for supporting us and live music! Rhonda